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Bungie Banhammer

As many of you Halo players know, Bungie has that banhammer out there looking for the bad doers in matchmaking. While I have been playing Halo 3 ever since it came out, I really never knew what you could get banned for. So about a week ago, I went into fiesta and rumble pit with my friend and some non-playing guests to get some cool medals on After about 15 games, we both received pop up screens informing us that we had been banned for 2 weeks for xp boosting. DAMN!

Now, I am not complaining about being banned, I am just upset because I wasn’t aware of all of the rules and stipulations. I honestly didn’t know that going into Rumble Pit to mess around could get you banned for 2 weeks. Trust me, if I knew this there is no way I would have taken the risk. In the info screen that pops up, it directs you to a link on explaining how you could have been banned. Why the heck would they tell you what you did wrong after. Couldn’t they have just straight up given these instructions to inform all players on what they shouldn’t do. I thought that you could be banned for modding or manipulating the network, something to hurt others that play the game.

In my opinion, I think all of the quitters out there should get more of a penalty than me getting a few medals in SOCIAL. I get people that quit out of ranked games ALL THE TIME, and most of the time it is for stupid reasons. Capture the Flag and the other team scores 1 cap, and then my teammate quits. It is not like we can’t come back from that.

All I am trying to say here is that Bungie should inform all of the players more of the stipulations surrounding the Banhammer and should watch out for the people really responsible for hindering others Halo experience. I have accepted my ban, though not how I got it, and I will be receiving Xp pretty soon.


New Halo 3 Ranking System

It has been a while now since Bungie introduced their new ranking system.  They decided to give everyone a brand new rank in each of the playlists including social and double xp weekends.  When I first heard about it, I didn’t really know what to think.  But now that it has been around for a while, here are my thoughts.

Bungie discussed that the new system was there so you could compare yourselves with your friends.  I am not sure how this could make any sense at all because the game has been out for a year now.  What about that whole year that went by and the progress you made there?  I have never gone into a party and bragged about my new rank in an individual playlist.  To tell you the truth, no one has.

Also, it doesn’t really show true skill because like me, you could go into Social Skirmish and score 2 flags and get +3562398594754 and still lose.  Yes the other team won, but that doesn’t mean that each of them really deserve the win.  I’m not saying that they shouldn’t get Xp, but you can get boosted all the way up to a General in a playlist and that doesn’t prove anything.

Overall, whenever I play Halo, I don’t even pay attention to the new system.  I just go straight to their service record and see if the have won a majority of their games, not whether or not they play Social Slayer way too much.

Bungie + new ranking system = FAIL