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Call of Duty: World at War Review

Call of Duty: World at War is the new call of duty on the scene.  After the much hyped CoD: Modern Warfare, people have been waiting for another one to sink their teeth in, or get their flame throwers ready. This game is good in all sections and takes all of the Modern Warfare techniques and uses those.  But that’s just the thing, it seems too much like the previous CoD.

The story this time around goes back to the old World War II setting.  Though it does take a new approach to the war, the story is so stretched out and scattered that it is hard to get a grasp on it.  More than half of the game I had no idea what I was doing and why.  You follow two soldiers again with this one.  You switch between the two, but once again you don’t get a feel for them along the way.  They tried to pull you in with the cut scenes about all of the people that died in the war, and it made you think for a second but it was a little too weird.  In other words, you know the way the war went, so go out there and finish it.

STORY: 8.0

Next is the gameplay.  World at War brings the same kind of shooting that Modern Warfare brought and this is good to an extent.  Let’s face it, the way the Call of Duty gameplay is set up is hard to improve on, but it seems that the developers just stuck with the same old same old.  There are the addition of a couple of weapons, one in particular the flamethrower.  But again, all of these weapons feel like the same kinds as games like CoD 2.

The campaign brings all of these elements and just throws it out there.  The AI is once again a little too smart at times, and totally oblivious in others.  There is one vehicle level as well as a plane one.  After being bummed about the rest of the campaign I wasn’t expecting much but it was probably one of the most fun parts.  You get to fly in a plane and switch between different guns and gun down some ships, kind of like Modern Warfare did on land.


The graphics in World at War, once again, bring the same kind of thing you would expect.  Some times you are in tight close quarters duking it out, and there isn’t much to joy about and nothing to be mad about.  There are some wide open scenes where it is beautiful, like a level where you are riding in a boat and seeing planes flying over your head and explosions on the beach.  It overall keeps the tension up and makes you want to progress.


The sound in CoD games always bring the best noises you could ask for.  It immerses you in the action and every explosion and bullet gets your attention.  If you have those surround sound speakers, turn them up.  This is a game to be enjoyed.  Each gun has a distinct tone and hearing that round shoot out and the clip falling on the ground packs the intensity.

SOUND: 9.5

Mulitplayer, multiplayer, multiplayer.  The multiplayer is probably the thing that will make or break you.  If you are considering buying this game, answer this question: Do I have online?  If you have online, especially Xbox Live, then get this game.  The multiplayer is as great as ever this time around.  I think Treyarch had this in mind and knew they would get all of those hardcore online fans.  They added some 4 player co-op which adds a little more onto the campaign as well as the new Nazi Zombies mode.  In the zombies mode you are put in an abandoned house with some of your friends and forced to keep the zombies out.  Wave after wave come and soon you will be overrun.  The goal is to score as many points as you can without dying.  It is fun, but it gets a little old after a while.

The normal multiplayer is what does the good.  It brings back all of the elements of Modern Warfare and adds some new customability to it.  There is nothing much, but it is still cool.  The only thing, again, that lowers this rating is that it is all too familiar to the previous installment.


Overall,  World at War is a good game.  The gameplay is as good as ever, the sound brings out the best, and the multiplayer will last you until the next Call of Duty comes out.  The only thing that ruins it is that all of these elements are too similar to Modern Warfare and the campaign is not as exciting.  If you like 1st person shooters and have online, then get this game.  Otherwise, there are plenty of other games out this holiday season that are better buys.




I have just beaten Call of Duty: World at War.  Sadly, I still haven’t beaten Resistance 2 yet, but hopefully I will beat it at least by tomorrow.  Today I will be getting the most that I can out of the Call of Duty multiplayer, and by what I have played so far, it is very good.  Stay tuned for more.