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PS3 Game of the Year

2008 was a great year for the PS3.  It brought with it some of the best games of the PS3 and possibly of all time.  While many entered into the scene, I think that the choice was ultimately narrowed down to 4 games: Metal Gear Solid 4, Grand Theft Auto 4, Little Big Planet, and Resistance 2.  MGS 4 was the culmination of all the MGS games, finally ending Solid Snakes story.  Kojima and company put all of their efforts in making this experience the most enjoyable game on the PS3, and that is why it gets the PS3 game of the year.

There was much skepticism about whether MGS 4 would live up to the hype or not.  Would the gameplay be just as addicting and inventive? Will the graphics really be as good as the trailers? How will Kojima finish tieing up all the loose ends? Well, all of these questions were answered and no one was left to doubt the power of the MGS series.

Metal Gear Solid 4 showed the true power of the PS3 system by producing some of the most beautiful graphics in a console video game ever. I had  never experienced a game where there was absolutely no flaw in the presentation, whether it be cutscene or not.  The characters all showed true emotion, making you really get immersed in the story.  As the game progresses, you actually see Snake growing older.  All of this just adds to the intesity of the game.

When thinking about how the gameplay could be enhanced, I didn’t think it could be done.  The design scheme seemed to have been taken to the highest level, at least to the degree of what the story asked for.  But from all of the time I have spent playing,  and I have played it a lot, I still am amazed by all of the different things you can do.  Close Quarters Combat is amazing, the OctoCamo is something I thought would be never possible, and the list goes on and on.  They even added tons of new weapons for all of those run and gun freaks out there.  While there are some people that say all of the guns detract from the true MGS experience, this is an absolute outrage of a comment.  There are all of these new ways to play because it keeps the player wanting more.  You can beat Metal Gear Solid in total stealth, run and gun, mixture of both, and many more.  Every time I go back to playing, so many ideas come to my head on how I should play it next.

Hideo Kojima’s mind is something of a mystery to all.  The stories in all of the MGS games are so in depth and contemplating on how all of the story could end in one game seemed impossible.  But Kojima has done it again.  Every character has his or her own part that culminates all of past games and truly shows the bar to beat in a game’s story line.  Solid Snake gets a little older as the game goes and just hearing his cough get continually worse and cigarette usage a little more prominent is amazing.

Multiplayer is very much a little dessert for this game.  It is brilliantly crafted and once again shows how great one game can be.  You can customize things, feel yourself get better, and have fun.  MGS does it all.

Concluding this, MGS4 is the culmination of the Solid Snake story line.  But past that, it starts a new adventure that you embark on as a new “Old Snake.”  From graphics to gameplay, MGS4 tops them all with the best of everything and that’s why it gets the KO Player PS3 Game of the Year.